LTC is Under Construction

“…now with the legal dispute over grandfather’s estate finally settled, well, I earned that money, and it’s time to put it to good use.”

The Truth About John Romero

“I hate to bring this story up, but this is probably as good a place to do it. John Romero never worked on Quake, or Doom, or Wolfenstein. But it’s even more fucked up than that.”

It’s Time to Fix the RTS Earlygame

“[I]f you want the best singleplayer and multiplayer skirmishes in a genre which is heavily defined by the number of moving parts, then you start by cutting out the phase of play that looks more like the beginning of a chess game and less like the awesome simulation of war that RTS can be.”

On Difficulty

“[W]hat I can assure you is that the game which forces you to demonstrate competency and mastery of a universe—often to the point where that universe is burned into your brain—is going to lead to a more satisfying and memorable impression than the passive experience that’s as challenging as a cheap television show.”