Why Dota Sucks — 4. Scope, Scale, and War

“Here we have games throwing incredible simulations of war and civilization at the player, delighting their audiences and pushing consumer technology to its limits. So, the question is: Why, exactly, would I give a shit if a dota game is throwing a few dozen soldiers and five-man teams down a corridor of small, static environments?”

Why Dota Sucks — 3. The Camera

“The free camera is not essential to the experience, and countless excellent games have shown that in the context of a character-action game, it is the inferior option.”

Why Dota Sucks — 2. The Crude Birth of a Genre

“As manifested today and through significant revision, the history of the dota genre is the history of amateur game designers using their limited resources to manipulate a game engine which was never designed for formal modification, never designed for traditional action games, and was demonstrably terrible at doing many of the things that were commonplace in videogames.”

Why Dota Sucks — Introduction

“I expect some will suggest that a scathing rebuttal of a genre which is being played at prize tournaments and by tens of millions of people means that I do not enjoy videogames. … When the reality is that I love them enough to take the knife to a popular and emerging game genre and provide a series of answers which demonstrate an incredible love of videogames.”

The Hundred Hours Fallacy

“I don’t care whether the journalists handed out their “universal acclaim” and I don’t care whether the “pros” say it’s good. It is my absolute fucking right to ditch your game, call it what it is, and move on to something else.”

The Dota Book (Early Access)

“Welcome to an early access article on Learn to Counter! Get instant access and start reading! Get involved with this article as it develops! Your voice counts!”

Why Expansion Packs Are Superior to DLC

“Downloadable content says, “We have a game here that is worth playing. What can we do to add more content?” An expansion pack says, “We have a game here that is worth playing. What can we do to make the content better?””