The Truth About John Romero

“I hate to bring this story up, but this is probably as good a place to do it. John Romero never worked on Quake, or Doom, or Wolfenstein. But it’s even more fucked up than that.”

Pom Gets Wi-Fi Serious Review

“After completing the game, I sat in spellbound, smiling silence for nearly an hour, and that’s perhaps the greatest praise I can lay upon a game.”

Why I Am Retiring From StarCraft II

“I am done with this worthless video game, and I want everybody to know why I will be purchasing the StarCraft II expansion pack Heart of the Swarm on the second day instead of the first.”

The DotA Banlist’s Greatest Hits

“Well, see, I don’t care for authority. Especially not when that authority is built by a custom map for people who weren’t good enough to play Warcraft III and then that custom map fosters a community with a disgusting sense of elitism.”