On Difficulty

“[W]hat I can assure you is that the game which forces you to demonstrate competency and mastery of a universe—often to the point where that universe is burned into your brain—is going to lead to a more satisfying and memorable impression than the passive experience that’s as challenging as a cheap television show.” … Continue readingOn Difficulty

Why Dota Sucks — 9. Dota Obscura

“I do not want a game of weak logic where the theory changes because its creator wants to balance a matchup, and I do not want a game where it is more convenient to learn things by reading a guide than it is to play it. I want games which are worlds, and have rulesets which are confident and strong enough to convince me that is absolutely what they are.” … Continue readingWhy Dota Sucks — 9. Dota Obscura

Why Dota Sucks — 8. Balance

“How can the Dota series be balanced if we are now nearly a dozen years past its conception, and yet, it always seems like someone has to go back and make a correction? And how can dota games be balanced if nobody seems confident enough to stake their reputation on a current version of the game?” … Continue readingWhy Dota Sucks — 8. Balance