Physics Ball 3!

The award-winning Physics Ball is back! It’s the mobile game sensation that’s sweeping the nation, and that evil Doctor Square is at it again! He’s stolen all the polygons (including the beloved Princess Pentagon) and plans to destroy them with an atomic bomb! It’s up to Physics Ball to save the day! As Physics Ball, you must navigate a series of non-descript, physics-based puzzles and save Princess Pentagon from this acute situation! Tilt or touch your way through some of the most incredible worlds you’ve ever seen! Will Doctor Square meet his rhombus? Or will Physics Ball succumb to Doctor Square’s insidious right angles? Only you can write this story!

The hype for Physics Ball 3 came to a fever pitch when it won an award for Honorable Mention at the Valdosta Middle School Computer Science Fair, Ages 10-11! And since its release last month, Physics Ball has sold over seventy-five-million units in 127 countries! That’s more copies than the world-famous Super Mario Brothers has sold in twenty-five years! Incredible!

The cultural phenomenon of Physics Ball has been vigorously documented on major news networks, set the ground for a major Saturday morning cartoon, spawned a series of books for young adults, and led to the production of a major motion picture directed by Michael Bay! There’s never been a video game franchise quite like Physics Ball! TIME Magazine calls Physics Ball “the video game for people who hate video games and hate video game culture”! The Utah Center for Family Parenting and Awareness has awarded the Physics Ball franchise their highest recommendation for non-violent childhood development and learning! And the accolades just keep on rolling in. Is there any video game that can match the might of Physics Ball 3: The New Challengers Alpha OS.X Service Pack 2 Turbo Edition? Download the mobile game sensation and find out!

Do what the French could never do: Defeat a foreign invasion!

Make the big play and score a touchdown with Physics Ball 3!

“I was twittling a stick of pocky in my left hand while playing Physics Ball 3 with my right hand. A female woman asked me what I was doing. I explained that I was playing Physics Ball 3, the latest game in the Physics Ball series. She said that she had played the game before. She smiled politely. It was at this moment that I cried. Physics Ball 3 is beautiful.” – Magnus Roffelle,

“I have been playing video games for almost three years. Fart Wars and Zombie Ninja have long been the kings of the video game industry. But it is time for them to step aside. Physics Ball 3 combines the physics of a ball with the physics of a ball. This is the greatest video game of the last hundred years. It’s that good.” – Tanner Rozelle, Mobile Gaming Universe Online Magazine

“Move over, Farmville: Video games has a new Greatest Game of All-Time.” – Twitter feed of ZyngaFan882, professional FarmVille player

I have a friend who has been playing video games for decades. He does not like this game. He claims that it is primitive and numerous games have ‘done the physics-ball-based genre better, such as Super Monkey Ball’. He does not get it. Physics Ball is a video game for people who do not play video games. I am not looking for a master chef’s finest meal. I am looking for a burger on a bun. That is what this game does. It is a burger on a bun. And it is tasty.” – Travis Roach,

“I’m really into Physics Ball 3 now. Woah, wow! Man, you never know which way this crazy ball’s going to go!” – Milhouse Van Houten

“What ‘hardcore gamers’ do not realize is that not everybody has the time to play a video game for more than fifteen minutes. I am a single mom with six children and I work three full-time jobs. Physics Ball 3 entertains me while I am driving to my next job! Call of Duty and Guitar Hero cannot do that!” – Debbie Gifford, single mother of six children who works three full-time jobs

“Physics Ball 3 is more proof that Microsoft cannot make a decent product to save their life. Microsoft is the creator of the Halo series. It is a very boring game. I do not understand why you would play a game where the objective is to shoot other human beings. Physics Ball 3 takes the opposite (and correct) direction. It requires you to roll a rubber ball across a playing field. Unlike a Microsoft product, it is very exciting. Like the final quality of a Microsoft product, it is very hilarious! Physics Ball 3 does it all!” – Derrick Mayer, lead writer, Apple Game Reviews

– Play the game in the single-player mode!
– Score calculates seamlessly and without frame rate interruption!
– High-definition graphics push video game graphics to their limits!
– Declared virus-free by sixty percent of commercial anti-virus programs!
– Program does not degrade while stored in memory!
– Certified allergy-free by the Alliance For Healthy Pets! (Note: Not tested on humans.)
– Can be used as a paperweight in conjunction with mobile phone devices!

Now let’s go save the world! Grab life by the ball!

Physics Ball, that is!

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