Re: “Such programming incompetence.. mind boggling”

Such programming incompetence.. mind boggling - Small

“Complaining that Blizzard is intentionally sabotaging their games” is a practice that dates back to the 11th century, and I guess it’s up to those crazy Millennials to assure that the legend continues.  This has never not been a new thing.  Allow me to introduce proof of this:

This is where their success has been and this is where it will continue to be. The drawback is when you do make popular games, there will always be diehard players who continue to play it for years to come. Right now they have DIablo 1, Warcraft 2, Starcraft (and expansions), and Diablo 2. This means that they need the staff and resources, to manage all of these games. In the future they will need even more. Warcraft 3 is going to have a bigger following than Diablo 2 had. If they don’t increase the number of employees, or get some sort of resource working on the older games, then they will continue to piss off alot of players, and fans.

You may notice that most of the games listed here were destroyed in the Great War, due to the highly unstable nitrate compounds that were used in the installation film.  Reading the new Blizzard forums is like watching college students get a real education for the first time, and did you know that the CORPORATIONS and the GOVERNMENTS control all the wealth, man?  It’s almost like Blizzard was set up with the purpose of creating a good and/or service in exchange for money.