The Digital Death of Video Game Art

“Well, that will be a great lesson to pass on to future generations: That it was okay to destroy our culture and ideas, i.e. “our legacy”, when a businessman with no connection to the artwork could save a couple of bucks by eliminating it from the timeline.”

The Creation of 2.0: Part Six

“And they’ll be like, “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! That’s how the free market works! God! Stop hating America, daddy!” And then I’ll say, “Eh. I tried.””

The Creation of 2.0: Part Four

“But now, the two hottest properties in video games were making millions (and eventually billions) by corralling their audiences into networks where companies could control the terms of engagement. The industry was taking notice.”

The Creation of 2.0: Part One

“From [here], you can learn how this company built the most successful online gaming portal in retail video games. And from there, you can learn how Blizzard Entertainment (and the video game industry) got this crazy idea of defending their intellectual property at all costs.”