Trevor is Here

[4:40 PM]Dotagate::rip:
[4:40 PM]Dotagate:(I’m still figuring out the kinks here, but it’s basically the same layout I had, except not from 2011, so it looks professional and actually works.)
[4:41 PM]Dotagate:The only major change I’m going to try and make is, I wanted the ability to make one-off posts that operate with the picture/link format on the main page.
[4:41 PM]Dotagate:So this way, for instance, if I make an update that is just me shitposting on the Forums, I can just link the post, write something to go with it, and people don’t have to click through to an article.(edited)
[4:42 PM]Dotagate:But it otherwise gives me every single damn thing I wanted: Flexible post formats, clean two-column layout, etc.
[6:03 PM]Psychopop Magician:Flexi-post technology
[7:33 PM]Dotagate:lol
[7:33 PM]Dotagate:I like.